What is the Importance of Web Design in your Digital Marketing Plan

Whatever services or goods you provide reflects on your website .The majority of your business interactions will be done here. It will work only if you communicate with your target audience and fulfil their needs and requirements . Customers like to visit your website  to purchase products and services even if you perform online marketing or activities.

There are a number of factors to consider regarding content, graphics, site design, SEO etc.

Web design is the most important part of your business and your marketing efforts. There is only one component of a larger digital Marketing strategy that should be consistent in all areas  like in look, in feel, purpose and in other marketing efforts such as  PPC- Pay Per Click Advertising

Your Website is a fantastic marketing tool that offers several benefits to your company. Many big companies and brands have understood the importance of Digital marketing and Web Designing and they have started rebuilding their website. However this will of course increase bounce rate rather than improving your search engine ranking.

Being a leading digital Marketing Company, our company understands using Web Design as an efficient digital marketing tool. A big  Thanks to the digital marketing services . Everyone has become aware of the needs for website updates

A Well Designed and Well planned website is the heart of business operations and marketing activities . It is your Web Design that will attract the customer on your website . Your Web Design should reach the customers efficiently in all aspects of the Digital Marketing Plan.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization-

Websites are Designed from time to time  Whenever they make any changes in Web Design google changes their ranking this is called SEO. However many people believe that there is no impact of Web Design on the ranking of big companies. Duplicate content is always identified by google so try to make your content original that can link Web Design and Marketing. Digital Marketing strategy is in step with Google’s algorithm. Separate page creation for each product with comparable description  minimizes content duplication concern.  You can see this kind of duplication in the design of E-Commerce Websites . Product description with similar content including minor differences is also known as duplicated content, in the eyes of google.

While creating Web Designs we always forget  Meta Descriptions ,alt tags and other related features while looking at Websites back -end designs.

User Interface 

The first thing you should keep in mind is visitors while creating Web Designs. If your website is not user friendly  you will not be able to attract visitors. The design of the website plays a significant role on the visitors. While designing a website there should be check if the users are able to navigate easily, make sure if the page is loading quickly . The web page should also display correctly even if it is opened in a web browser. If your website contains very large files , it will take longer to load.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The appearance of your web design is not good and you won’t be able to attract the customer. Conversion Rate Optimization can be enhanced through better design  because your Web Design reflects its reliability which is  directly related to its authority.

Your Web Design should be simple but attractive and functional. If your website loading speed is low and you make a complex design you can not attract the customer. In simple words you will not attract  the visitors if your Web Design is not user friendly. You need to ensure  that the design is basic for user interface but sophisticated and sufficient for CRO.

It will help if you get struck  between utility and simplicity.


It is not possible that your Web design  for your Website will perform as you desire .

It will need to adapt ,alter and optimise regularly ,you should keep  in mind that your Web Design needs changes from time to time. Your Website should be developed in a way that it collects the data you require. A Webs Design should be created  according to the infrastructure that will collect essential data thanks to Google Analytics capabilities.

Advanced tactics will help you obtain your desired results.

With Google Analytics you can quickly monitor the success of your new website’s Web Design  and overall success of your website.


 Users rate your Web Design. They can identify the malicious Website in seconds but they will not tell you about technological flaws or disadvantages . If there is a negative and an unfavourable impact of customers on your web site it might harm your branding efforts.

Your Website should  attract the feelings of customers and the Web Design should reflect your  brand  so that when they visit your website  they form a good impression of your brand and image . If your web design fails to engage users it will definitely  impact your business.


After having a wide discussion on this topic your Web Design significantly impacts the digital marketing approach . If there is an error in your Web Design  it might hurt your brand image .

That is why you should make sure that no aspect of digital marketing suffers  and includes everything in your approach. Making a Web Design is a critical part of website branding  to SEO  to social media outreach. Without having  proper knowledge about Web Design can have adverse effects on your business. That is why you should take advice from a reputed Web Designing  and Digital Marketing Company that will assist you with conversion .In India there are so many companies you can seek help from one of them is 2Intelligent which is a well known Digital Marketing Company. Our pre planned and all – encompassing digital marketing strategies enables you to research ,engage and convert your target audience in real time. We focus on enhancing the value of your business through our innovative and economic Web Development , social media  promotions, Graphic Designing, Video Editing and animation programs.

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