How to Create the Ideal Landing Page for Your Business

It is A Web Page that a person lands” on after clicking an email id or any other digital location. When the user lands on the landing page, they are encouraged to take action, such as joining your list or buying your products; your landing page will be successful if it succeeds in getting them to convert.

The landing page encourages users to take action, like filling out the custom sign-up form. In simple terms, there is only one option for users. It’s because the more options you give users, the harder it is for them to make a choice and make a Decision.

Is there any need to create?

When you are creating a website, on any website, there is a lot of stuff with menus, posts, links, sidebars and more. Making a Landing page is beneficial for your business as the user’s attention is on one simple action.

Let’s clear this with an example when we scroll down with Google Docs

Landing Page asks us to focus on a single task and a call to action. When it comes to creating online documents, it encourages us to use google docs services.

Landing Page is responsible for increasing visitors’ response rate to your site.

Through this, the visitors perform the main action which you basically want them to do.

On average, the conversion rate is 2.35%, with the top 10% of companies having three to five times higher than that.


If you want a highly effective Landing Page, your marketing efforts, advertisement spending, and social media outreach can give you better results that are appropriate for your business.

How can you make a highly Converting Landing Page?

Before building your Landing Page, there are some points which you should consider.

First, define your conversion goal.

It depends on your business type and what should be most effective for your landing page. What goal have you made for your Landing Page? If you define your goal, then only your Landing Page will give 100% results.

Do you want visitors to download the page, and make a purchase, or should they sign up for a monthly subscription?

If you want to achieve your goal, you need to break it down into smaller targets; first, you need to encourage the visitors to register for 30- a day free trial, get your visitors attracted with a free e-book, discount vouchers, or you can offer a free weekly newsletter.

For example, there are several websites; one of them is very popular nowadays, which is Spotify. After landing on its page, it directs you to sign up and use its free version. Instead of that, you have to hear commercials in between songs, and if you want to hear a break-free listening experience, you have to subscribe to its premium plans. Always keep your users in mind. Analyzing your target users and their behaviour is the most important thing. What do they (Users ) need? Defining the average user and putting yourself in their shoes.

You and your Landing Page should focus on optimizing that conversion rate goal.


CTA means the call to action. It should have a visible, clear, and simple CTA. It is the key element that will guide visitors or help them take the next level or required action.

When creating the Landing page, you should keep all age groups in mind, whether the button or any form, to make it easy to click on. Colours which will attract the users should be bright in contrast to the Landing page’s main colour. The font size should be visible enough the actionable text should be short and straight to the point.

It would be best if you made sure any image or design you add supports the main call to action and should not escape your attention from it.

Let’s take some examples of CTAs:

  • Sign up
  • Read more articles
  • Get started
  • Buy now
  • Free trial

The second step is creating a landing page when you have prepared a layout.

I am writing a clear and Direct Value Proposition.

It should have a clear message. It would help if you mentioned the benefit of targeted action. It should not be very simple like “We are here to help you” or “You will get what you want.”

If you think there is a need for a tagline, just go for it, which should support the main value proposition. It needs to be short, powerful and specific.-

Let’s go for one more example of Spotify – It uses the tagline “Music for everyone” with the addition of “Millions of songs no credit card needed.”

Tips for Creating Landing Page

  1. Including all important elements for an effective Landing Page.
  2. Removing the main navigation.
  3. To match the headline of the landing page to its corresponding CTA.
  4. Remember: Less means More.
  5. Emphasize the offer value
  6. Encouraging social sharing.
  7. To create more Landing Page to generate more leads.
  8. Asking for the information which you need.
  9. Consider whether to submit or not.
  10. Reducing anxiety with proof elements.
  11. Including the rich media on the landing page.
  12. Make the form appear shorter.
  13. Last but not least Pay attention to the copy.


The goal of a Landing page is to convert the visitors into taking the desired action, like submitting their information or making a purchase. It is a stand-alone site which helps boost your sale. So this is very important for every business.

For creating a Landing Page, you can take the help of 2Intelligent’s Landing Page Builder. You have to make sure that it has a certain goal. Tracking is also very important to see if your Landing page is achieving its goals or not; for this, you can take the help of Google Analytics. Best of Luck.

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