Important Things To Consider Before Planning A New Website

We don’t need to say much about the need and advantages of an eye-catching website when it comes to the competitive and ecommerce age of business. So much of the efforts go into creating a user-friendly website from functionality and appearance to coding integrity and navigation. It should be a collective and team work of web developer and web designer to produce a website that is able to keep visitors engaged and located by search engines.

There could be many questions that probably pop up in your mind when you are planning to launch a new website for your business venture. Here, we have tried to list all those questions with the suitable answers for you so that you can start the process smoothly with all the queries solved in your mind. So here is the list of important things that you should definitely consider before going for launch:

Choosing a Right Domain or Host

It’s very crucial to step select a right domain or host name for your website. It is advisable to choose a domain name which is easily memorable and reflects your brand or products. One thing that is also important to remember the name should be spell correctly and easy to pronounce. It’s also important to consider the nature of your website and business while comparing hosting packages.

Backend Services

It’s hardly possible for anyone to create good responsive website in the absence of functional program taking care of the backend. It is most likely that your website may not be able to impress your visitors in the absence of a strong backend service. WordPress is a customizable Content Management System” / Software (CMS) ideal for informational websites.

Purpose of Website

If you have to clearly address the requirements or need of the visitor the intention of every page of the site has to be simple and clear. The categories of websites could be many but the core purpose they serve are similar. Let’s say the purpose of entertainment site would be different from the one which caters to business or sports. But what they have in common is building reputation, generating leads, describing expertise and sales and after care.  You should be able to capture your site’s objective in a sentence or two —like a company statement.

Target Audience

Another important question comes into the mind is who your target audience is? The simple fact behind this question is that you cannot design for everyone or fulfill the demands of every audience. The site is most likely to accomplish your organizational goal if you are able to indentify your target audience and design accordingly.

Quick Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website

Its one of the basic needs of any website in today time because browsing a website or apps with phone very easy and common thing for people nowadays. So it is important to make a mobile friendly website which is ready get adjusted on different screens. Mobile phones are helpful to give you easy access to any information, service or product you are looking for.

Fresh and Engaging Content

The role of content in website creation cannot be underestimated because it’s important for any kind of the site. The engaging content is always helpful to grab the attention of the visitors. Along with catchy headlines, the content should contain the message you want to communicate to your target audience and also Calls to Action-CTA.

Also, it’s a proved and documented fact that only about 20 to 28% content is read by people on a web page. This led to a sudden shift to lots of photos, shorter blocks of text and use of multimedia. You can easily and quickly create your own photo and video content with help of advanced smart phones also.

Loading Time

Loading time is an important factor for every website if it wants to perform well. Most of the visitors want the website to load in just few seconds and if it takes more than seconds they are most likely to leave the site. To minimize the loading time or make it faster the optimization of image size is very helpful.

Effective Designing and Color Schemes of Website

Designing of your site is also an integral part of the website development. It totally depends on the type of the website your want to design. A website offering online technical solutions has to be entirely different from the educational one in designing. Also, to make it look appealing the layouts of design will structure your page in a systematic manner. Layouts are helpful in giving the overview of the future project to your clients.

Color schemes play a more important role in engaging and attracting the customers towards your products than you expect or think. It’s a fact that different shades and colors have the ability to evoke emotional responses, such as calm, happiness, or annoyance.

Site Maintenance

Although the site has been launched but it doesn’t mean the end of development process here. The developer usually offers the maintenance services after the launch and thus it’s their responsibility that the website is running smoothly and everybody is satisfied. In some cases you also be ready to make changes time to time. Make sure the changes are made at the earliest before your consumer jumps to any other website. This is necessary to keep the website up to date to keep the customers hooked.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine is where you almost 50% internet users start their online experience. For this you will have to make sure that your site is properly optimized for search. Other than that there are some the Do It Yourself tasks that you can use without taking services of the companies who do the SEO.


Every business needs a branding or marketing be it’s a large or small one. For this designing of logo and website has to be to the point and clear to catch the attention of your target audience. The same logo on packaging, print advertising, and branded apparel to further set your brand’s identity. It is also to remember here that brands are not created in a day or two but it’s a long process. It’s a time taking and long process. What all you can do is try to provide your customers with an integrated and unforgettable brand experience.

Blogs for Product Endorsement

It’s also right to have an active blog to keep your customers informed about the latest promotion, products, events and offers of the company. Your blog posts are also helpful to encourage your customers to connect with y our brand and products. You can also seek your customers’ reviews through blog posts to improve your services in future.      

Calls to Action or CTA

It’s a great way to connect with your customers by placing a call to action on your website. You should always include a call to action at least once on each page regardless of what you’re asking visitors to do at your site. You can also invite new customers or visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter if you think they are discovering your brand

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