Google Maps

How important google maps are for your websites?

Well, in general sense,

  • It helps your users to find your business locations
  • It is a trustworthy indication for your users of your business authenticity.
  • It can be used as interactive tool to improve your website’s user interface.

How it benefits your business?

  • Business popularity.
  • Bringing website traffic
  • Drawing local potential customers.
  • Helping customer contact your business.

Gives higher credibility to your business

Google maps strategies for any website:

  • Include detailed location address
  • On-page optimization.
  • You can promote your business with Google Maps ads.

Different creative ways to use google maps for your website:

  • Contact page maps, tourist maps are some common maps types to be displayed on the website.
  • Event showcase maps
  • Are trends or preferences maps?
  • The scale of operations maps.
  • Data visualization maps (more interactive).
  • Comparison maps.
  • Store locator maps.
  • Real estate maps.
  • Charity work showcase maps. Etc.